Financial Donations

You can help us by donating money to our organization. You can also specify a cause, if you wish to do so:

  • “Mobility”: Throughout the year we have been collecting donations for public transportation tickets. This enables families to move around the city, which is an integral part of integration.
  • “German”: Many children as well as adults are in need of extra German classes. We do have several volunteers, who tutor school children, however, unfortunately, not enough. Also in many cases, only the basic German language courses are provided free of charge, more advanced class however, cost over 250.- per month, and we would like to book such advanced courses for talented adults.
  • “Medical Expenses”: All refugees receive an E-card and most medical visits and procedures are covered by it. However, there are cases and fields where the health insurance does not cover them: e.g. psychotherapy, speech therapy, dental procedures etc.
  • “Social Events”: Social gatherings between Jews and Muslims is an important aspect of our work – it decreases prejudices against each other and aims to increase respect and understanding for one another.

In Kind Donations

Please send us an email to including your telephone number and specifying what you would like to donate! Thank you!

You can help us by donating useful and intact items:

  • Clothes: We have around 110 men, women and children of all ages and sizes in need of clothes and shoes. Please make sure the garments are intact and cleaned before donating! Thank you.
  • Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Skates: They are very much on top of the list for most of the children and their parents. Bicycles are an essential part of the integration process. Many refugees cannot afford to pay for the public transportation – however they must get around – to their German classes, to bring and pick up their children from school, to go to the doctor’s office etc… If you have a bicycle to spare – let us know!
  • Books: Children’s books are very useful, even for the adults! The simple language and illustrations in children’s books make it easier to follow the story and practice reading and understanding. German as well as English books are on our list! (Many school children in Austria learn English as a second language, and many refugee children also have to learn this additional language, hence the wish for English books).
  • Toys and Games: Just to make the children smile, because there is nothing more beautiful in the world than to see a happy child.
  • Kitchen utensils, pots, pans, cutlery
  • Furniture: The families who have received asylum, must move out from the state housing system (Grundversorgung) and must find an apartment to rent. Since, they are on a very low budget, they rely on donations to furnish their new homes.
  • Additional necessary items which we post regularly on our facebook page.

Time Donations

Please send us an email to including your telephone number and specifying how you wish to donate your time and where your areas of expertise lie!
You can help us by donating your time and expertise. We are in need of:

  • Habibis: Friends to the refugees who assist them with their daily challenges and spend quality time with them: taking walks, going to a museum, zoo, playground. For more information please click here.
  • Teachers: Language (German, English) teachers are always wished for. However, Music, Art, Dance teachers as well as Sports trainers could be very helpful. Tutors for schoolchildren as well as adults are always welcome.
  • Other Professionals: Lawyers, Doctors, Psychologists , Physiotherapists, Speech therapists and other professionals who are willing to work pro bono.
  • Helpers for various events and programs which we organize